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Don’t allow the state to enforce its estate plan on your heirs

Manage and protect those assets that took you a lifetime of hard work and dedication. You will have the guidance necessary to determine who should manage your property, and how it should be distributed after you’re gone. Properly planning for this can also minimize your taxes and administration costs. If you need help with your existing will, trust or estate documents, we can review them with you during a consultation.

Related Definitions

Will – A legal document that takes effect at death and indicates who is to administer your estate and how the estate is to be distributed.  A will may create one or more trusts to accomplish your goals.


Trust – A legal document often used to authorize the management and transfer of specific assets by a trustee who must follow the instructions you leave in the trust document. The trustee manages the assets for the benefit of a person or persons you designate as the beneficiary.


Estate Plan – A typical estate has many assets NOT controlled by your will. The attorney’s estate plan identifies all of your assets and how they are controlled, and the attorney coordinates the assets to accomplish your goals.

Willing to work with your investment and accounting professionals for more in depth planning.

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