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Securing your inheritance with integrity

Inheriting an estate or a trust comes with great responsibility. Your inheritance will be secured through assets' protection, and planning and management. We will walk you throughout all the legal and financial procedures required to implement a person's will, pay PA inheritance tax, and protect you and the creditors. Most estates involve probate, but some are administered without formal probate.

  • Proof of will validity in court

  • Identifying/inventorying deceased person's property

  • Property appraisal

  • Paying debt/taxes

  • Distributing remaining property as the will directs

*Avoiding probate is less important in PA than in some other states

In PA, probate can be fast and inexpensive. It involves:

Certified in Estate Planning and has over 15 years of experience.

The administration of the estate involves:

  • Implement a person's will

  • Pay PA inheritance tax

  • Protect creditors and heirs

  • Intestate procedures

  • Minimize PA and federal state, inheritance, and income taxes

  • Preparing tax returns for those taxes

  • Disclaimer to adjust the estate planned

  • Distributing the notices required by PA law and closing the estate on time to distribute the assets to the heirs.


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