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Planning and securing your future as an elder and for your estate

Making the law work for your future as an elder and for your estate is the top priority of Attorney and Counselor at Law Miles B. Rittmaster. You and your loved ones will have the peace of mind you deserve with the help of the law.

As a Yale Law School graduate with over 30 years' experience, Miles B. Rittmaster has the expertise you need in the areas of elder law, trusts, and estate law to craft a plan for your future.  

From securing your estate and property, to choosing the right care for you and your spouse, we can help you determine exactly what you need in order to safeguard your future.

You don't have to navigate the complicated Medicaid system alone. With our expertise, we'll help get the proper document ready and make the application process less confusing.

Take advantage of a FREE no-obligation 30 minute consultation. You will have the opportunity to discuss your planning needs and make a difference in your future.

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